What Should Seller’s Use to Make their Home Smell Good?

What Should Seller’s Use to Make their Home Smell Good?

First impressions are everything when selling your home and in addition to how it appears how it smells is just as important. Now many seller’s understand their home needs to smell good, but what most seller’s don’t realize is the things they use to make their home smell good could actually be hindering the sale of their home.

Oftentimes seller’s will light candles, use plug-in air fresheners and bleach everything in an effort to make their home smell good and inviting to potential buyer’s, but are these really the best options?In her article, What Should I Use to Make my Home Smell Good?, Michelle Gibson, a top Realtor in Wellington Florida, discusses how certain smells can negatively impact a home sale and provides a great, cost effective, way to make any home smell great.

What Is A Listing Presentation?

This article from Dan Barcelon is written for those preparing to sell their home. If this will be your first time selling your home, you may not be aware of what a listing presentation is.

In this article, Dan writes about the necessity of a listing presentation prior to selling your home, as we all as what you can do as a homeowner to prepare for a listing presentation with a realtor. In case you didn’t know, a listing presentation is like an interview for the Realtor you will be choosing to sell your home.

This is your Realtor’s opportunity to present to you the marketing plan for your home as well as the strategy to take when selling your home. In the listing presentation, you can bring up any concerns or questions you may have.

Dan also includes some essential questions you should ask any Realtor during a listing presentation. The listing presentation should also go over timelines of the sales process, as well as some comparisons of homes like yours currently on the market, or have sold in the last few days.

These pieces of information are important to come to a list price for your hone. Your list price is critical in getting right the first time around, as an overpriced home will sit on the market for days. The listing presentation will help to reaffirm your relationship with your Realtor and learn more about their skills, experience, and professionalism.

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The listing presentation ensures you won’t be leaving money on the table as you’ll be able to discuss in full with your Realtor every aspect of the sale beforehand. Dan Barcelon is a Real Estate agent in Long Beach, California and wants to help people become a better homeowner through his blog. Be sure to check it out!

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